Design & Graphics

de–sign (noun)
“to prepare the preliminary sketch or the plans for (a work to be executed), esp. to plan and form the structure of an idea.”

graph-ics (noun)
“the art of drawing”

The Foundation For Your Company’s Image Starts With Quality Designs & Graphics!

Every successful company, product or service has a logo or design built around recognizable graphics. If you want your company’s product or service to be successful and have the mind share that comes with recognizable graphic designs, you need quality!

The quality of your graphics and designs can be the difference between success and failure. If you rely on standard graphic images, the quality changes with size and use.

If you have professional vector based graphics, you can easily reproduce your designs to any size required.

Most of the graphics used today are jpg or png based images. Once they have been rendered, they are frozen at that size and quality forever. If you wish to change the size or quality, you will affect the overall quality of the image. This is not good, and results in washed out and blurry images.Qubie-PackagingRed3Vector graphics provide a mathematical way to display an image and has no limit to the size of the graphic.

The quality of the graphic will never change and will always represent the image you first envisioned.

The best graphics are those that can be rendered into a workable product shot from any angle and with any lighting and shading that is required.