Branding & Identity

brand–ing (noun)
“a particular characteristic, name or graphic that serves to identify a particular product”

i-dent-i-ty (noun)
“a unique identifying characteristic held by no other person or thing”

Does Your Brand Correctly Identify Your Product or Service?

Every product or service is identified by its unique branding.

If your company does not have a unique brand for its products or services, the chances of the consumer being able to find and remember it diminishes greatly.

Marketing Engineers has helped create and brand some of the most recognizable trademarks in the computer industry.

Sometimes brands need a little tweaking. For example, take Creative’s Sound Blaster. Did you know that Creative Labs originally called their sound card “Killer Card”?

A simple change in name can change the overall success in regards to the consumers understanding of what the product or service does.  Kevin Corson was directly responsible for enabling Creative Labs to register the name Sound Blaster.


Two other samples of trademarks that have been created by Marketing Engineers are Poppin Olive’ and AudioWear. Both trademarks and graphics were the result of Marketing Engineers work.

Choosing brands and identities that can be protected under the United States Patent and Trademark office offer the best chance for success.