Kevin Corson

Founder, CEO and Chief Vision Officer

Over the last 30 years, Kevin Corson has developed or brought to market a number of popular cutting-edge, computer-based technologies. They include several world,s firsts, such as the first sound-card and voice-recognition products, The Sound Master, Voice Blaster, Modem Blaster and Sound Blaster (COVOX, Creative Labs).

In 1993 Kevin Corson brought to market the first Windows audio-editing software to market. Sound Forge, (Sonic Foundry/SONY). Still considered the #1 audio editing tool in the world.

In 1994-95 Kevin and his team designed and created the world’s first full-duplex Internet phone for PC and MAC (DigiPhone). This represents the first time that two or more people were able to speak over the Internet to each other at the same time. (Wired Magazine, PC World, NY Times, Wall Street Journal).

All of today’s VoIP Internet phone systems (Skype/XfinityVoice,Vonage, etc.) stemmed from Kevin’s insight into the way the Internet could be used for two-way (full-duplex) conversations. (See reference to Kevin’s 1995 interview with Wired Magazine.)

In 1997 Kevin was responsible for designing and bringing the first handheld software products (Pilot Goodies – The Breeze) for Palm Pilots. (Featured review by New York Times and picked by CompUSA and Staples as an OEM product for use with their own support packages.)

In 2008 Kevin is credited for writing two chapters on “Internet Downloading and Peer-fo-Peer” networking in the Book “ONLINE – THE BOOK” by John Dvorak and Chris Pirillo.  Available on Amazon and at Barnes and Nobel. Published by Prentice Hall.

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DealerScope – October 25, 2016  Kevin Corson of Marketing Engineers to Develop Technology for Next Generation of Drones
PRN NewsWire – October 7, 2014 Kevin Corson, the inventor of  the internet telephone will serve as Chairman of the Involve Audio Advisory Board.
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Kevin and his team are personally responsible for a number of cutting edge technologies and trademarks that have been released during the last 30 years. Visit the Gallery for more information!

Speaking Engagements January 1987 – Present
• Guest Speaker on Interactive Touch Technologies – The Future of Touch and Interactivity – Veritas et Visus Panel. May 2010
• Guest Speaker on VOIP Voice meets Web 2.0. Sept 2009
• Guest Speaker on VOIP Security, Myths and Realities Internet Telephony, Sept 2008
• Guest Speaker on IMS and Security in Unified Communications – Internet Telephony, 2007
• Guest Speaker on Database Management – Meeting Technology Expo, 2007
• Guest Speaker on Content Management – Jupiter Media, Fall 2004
• Guest Speaker on Content Management – Jupiter Media spring 2003
• Guest Speaker on Instant Messaging Technologies – Jupiter Media, 2002
• Keynote Speaker, The future of voice recognition and mobile computing – COMDEX Spring 1993

The Marketing Engineers Team

Donna Corson – Founder – The Distribution Network, Springfield, Oregon
Donna Corson, founder of TDN, has over 30 years of experience in the computer industry.
TDN has sold over 11,000,000 units in the channel and has successfully launched first-to-market technologies including voice recognition, text-to-speech, Internet telephony, business planning and much more!

Ron Ewer – Founder of Blue Laser Media, Seattle, Washington
Ron provides expertise in software testing and QA, website implementations and customization, SEO and Social Media services.
With over 25 years of IT experience, Ron has worked with Fortune 500 companies Amazon, T-Mobile, AT&T, and Boeing, and health insurance companies Regence BlueShield, Premera Blue Cross, and SHPS.

Some of Kevin’s latest inventions:

In 2014, Kevin created and brought to market the worlds first handheld drumsticks for mobile devices (iPad and Android) originally called Drummerz and then renamed Streetbeat Drumsticks. (available on

YouTube Demo Video reaches 5.9 million views!
(type in ipad drum cover)

In 2008 Kevin created one of the patents for The Beamz (here is the video from their launch in 2008) Beamz controller generates audio sounds, allowing a user to play an instrument of a song by interrupting a light beam.