Marketing Engineers has a 20 year history of laying out marketing campaigns, inventing products, building websites, creating trademarks and designing logos.

We are very thankful for the opportunity to have worked with/for such a great group of people. Our hope is that we can add your testimonial to the list.

  • Visionary

    Once in awhile I meet a visionary who has not only created an interesting company, but is himself the genuine article, not out of a mold. Kevin Corson is that kind of person!
    Jacques Nichols – Attorney for Nike’s Original Investors – 2002

  • Box Design

    Marketing Engineers was able to turn around our old box design and prepare us for our first orders into major retail outlets. We could not be more pleased with their service.
    Ryon Gamble – President – Bill Collector in a Box – 2007

  • Inventor

    Kevin Corson the inventor of the Internet Phone says “that it will soon be possible for the internet phone to be connected with a regular telephone system and that the price of long distance phone calls will be a thing of the past”.
    Wired Magazine – 1995

    Wired-LogoIMAG0007 (2)

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  • Writing Credits

    I have known Kevin for over 20 years and I thank him for his time and efforts in contributing two chapters to the Book ONLINE- THE BOOK. Kevin’s insights on Peer-to-Peer computing and online downloading are great!
    John C. Dvorak – Noted Technology and Internet Guru – 2005

    (Chapters Kevin Wrote)
    Chapter 3 – Downloading
    Chapter 14- Peer-to-Peer Technology
    Online The Book

    Editorial Reviews


    Online! The Book
    “If you go online, see how much more you can gain, without the pain. Fascinating, fun, and delightfully written.
    -Scott Cook, Founder and Chairman of Intuit Software

    “This is the most practical and valuable book about the Internet you can get. A perfect reference for anyone who goes online.”
    -Victoria Recano, “Inside Edition”

    “Everything you ever wanted to know about the Internet and really ought to ask. I love this book!”
    -Lance Ulanoff, Executive Editor PCMAG.COM

  • Retail Experience

    When we wanted to take our product into major retail outlets, we found that we required the help from somebody who had done it before and understood how to help us get there. Marketing Engineers was the company we picked.
    Mark and Brian Lawson – Founders PGKEY – 2010


  • Without Kevin Corson, I would have never been able to register the Trademark “Sound Blaster” for Creative Labs. Kevin was able to provide the release of the registered trademarks he controlled and allowed Creative to proceed with its public offering..
    Ed Esber – President – Creative Labs – 1992

    Sound Blaster

  • The development of the PeaceHealth grants management website was professional and high-quality. Marketing Engineers, Inc, helped to ensure that the entire process was responsive to the many complex needs of the PeaceHealth Grants Office. The web page currently contains many interactive components that are now being used by grant writers and project leaders, as they develop new grant proposals and manage grant awards. Great job!
    Virginia Nafus, PeaceHealth Grants Administrator – 2012